BIOMOre: Research on future mining

Funded by the EU's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program

Different supply/demand forecasts estimate a lack of raw materials leading to higher costs or even no more availability in the future at all.

The EU consumes 20 to 35% of the most important base metals worldwide while importing more than 80% of its commodities representing more than 23 billion euros per year.

The film contains valuable information on the subject of raw materials, mining and of course the BIOMOre project including easy to understand animations of the planned process itself and potential future implementation as well as a statement of the European Commission.
The film also shows the objectives of the project and all the partners. It ultimately shows ways and opportunities for a more cost-effective and more environmentally sound type of mining.

The BIOMOre project mainly aims at extracting metals, economically and ecologically optimised, from deep mineralized zones.


The BIOMOre concept of using in-situ recovery as a minimal-footprint mining technique has significant potential environmental and health benefits.

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